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IT Pro is pleased to be partnering with AbilityNet for this year's event focused on accessibility and inclusive design...

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AbilityNet's TechShare Pro event, which aims to create better awareness of and great discussion and solutions related to accessibility and inclusive design, is back again this year.

"TechShare Pro brings together digital accessibility and inclusion specialists from Europe and beyond to connect and learn from each other. Their common goal is to break down the barriers which prevent disabled people from accessing the digital world, whether that is caused by badly written code, outdated social attitudes or changing the way we run our organisations," Mark Walker, head of marketing at AbilityNet, told IT Pro. 

"AbilityNet’s vision is of a digital world accessible to all – a world where people with any disability can use tech to achieve their goals at home, at work, and in education. Our team of staff and volunteers work with a huge range of people and organisations every day to fulfil that vision, whether through personalised advice for individuals or expert services and training for organisations."

IT Pro is proud to be media partner for 2021, supporting a fantastic and incredibly important forum for conversations to help ensure businesses embed inclusive thinking into their core. 

"We are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with AbilityNet as the media partner for TechShare Pro," said Maggie Holland, global editorial director and head of content at IT Pro.

“Our mission is to provide real-world insight and advice to guide business and technology decision-makers - who are often information-rich, but time-poor - and that includes raising awareness and discussing key accessibility topics. As such, supporting this event in our capacity as media partner completely aligns with our expertise and values.” 

Key areas on the agenda for this year's show include (but are not limited to):

  • How to change leadership culture and thinking 
  • Key legislation and regulations - for both the UK and Europe
  • Why accessibility and inclusion are important in business

Importantly, this isn't another pure tech event, according to Walker. Indeed, speakers will include those from IT as well as other areas of the business such as diversity and inclusion, HR, marketing and more. 

"We can’t achieve our vision without their involvement," Walker added. "In the fast-moving world of digital technology our annual TechShare Pro conference is a chance to keep track of the big changes in the world of accessibility and inclusion, to hear from the experts in various fields and to encourage and nurture the connections and relationships which we all need to achieve that goal."

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Microsoft is this year's gold sponsor for the event, which is online-only and running from the 16th to the 18th of November. 

“We’re delighted to be involved in this years’ TechShare Pro as lead sponsor. This event is a great way to highlight the need for further digital inclusion and accessibility awareness across all industries," added Hector Minto, Microsoft's global lead for accessibility evangelism.

"Microsoft prides itself on digital accessibility and we’re excited to share insights and support delegates on their digital accessibility journey.” 

Tickets are already on sale for the event here with an early bird discounted rate until the end of August. 

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